Nature Love

The world has enough for us.


“Someone is sitting in shade today because he had planted a tree a long time ago.”

So, I would like to request the people of the world to plant trees. If you cannot plant a tree, then at least never dare to cut one. Have the will in yourself to plant trees and safeguard environment.



Make the environment as green as possible for the betterment of everyone. Live a peaceful life by making your surrounding green. Learn ways to make the environment pollution-free. Inspire people by your own creative methods.green_water_landscape-1366x768

Proof of Nature’s beauty

Nature is so beautiful only if we know how to safeguard it. The beauty of nature gives sanctity to life.


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Facts about CARBON DIOXIDE emissions

  • China-coal-plant
  • Use compact fluorescent lamps as they are 4 times energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. Replacing just one 100 watt bulb with a 20 watt CFL can reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by 84 kg.
  • Annual carbon dioxide emission of a washing machine at wash temperature 60°C is 119 kg as compared to 21 kg at 25°C. Therefore using a cold cycle in the washing machine can reduce annual carbon dioxide emission by 98 kg per washing machine.
  • Geysers come with a factory setting of 60°C, but a comfortable bath requires around 40°C. Reducing the temperature setting on a 25 litre geyser from 60°C to 40°C can reduce annual carbon dioxide emission by 172 kg per household.
  • By reducing unnecessary use of microwave oven by just 5 minutes a day, each household can reduce carbon dioxide emission by 30 kg.
  • Switching off electrical appliances at the plug point instead of turning them off only with the remote can reduce household’s annual carbon dioxide emissions by 106 grams.
  • By reducing water consumption by just 100 litres a day, each household can reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions between 24 and 63 kg.
  • By using pressure cookers daily instead of cooking in pots and pans with lids, each household can reduce annual carbon dioxide emission by at least 125 kg.
  • By reducing the usage of gas for cooking by just 20 minutes a day, each household can reduce annual carbon dioxide emission by 62 kg.
  • Switching from desktop to laptop can reduce an individual’s annual carbon dioxide emissions between 205 and 279 kg.
  • By turning off just one fan and an incandescent bulb when not in use, each household can reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by 28 kg.
  • Using solar water heater instead of a 25 litre geyser can prevent the emission of 687 kg of carbon dioxide per year.

Simple Tips for All

  • 20-25 minutes duration class in schools for environmental awareness.
  • Agricultural land should never be given to anyone, how much price people may wish to pay for it.CATPLE_WALLPAPERS_684
  • Rooftop gardening or plantation to be a must for tall buildings and skyscrapers.
  • Funds to be given to environment-friendly vehicle producing companies like Tesla Motors.
  • Plantation should be recreational. Everyday no. of trees should increase.


Trees grown divided by Trees cut should be greater than 1.

Consequently, Increase in rainfall divided by decrease in rainfall becomes greater than 1.

  • Places where further mining activity is not possible should be used for waste dumping.
  • Carry bags made of cloth should be used and polythene should be banned.
  • For light weight objects, bags made of paper should be used.
  • Much attention should be given to flora. Fauna can adapt themselves upto a certain extent, but flora can’t.


Environment is so beautiful and well organized. The beauty of environment lies in the fact that each and every being is dependent on one another. The tiny creatures, trees, mountains, valleys are the precious things of nature. Environment is the safest place to live and die.

But in recent years, the environment is not safe anymore. The human desire has brought tremendous destruction and devastation to the environment. So, now it’s the fundamental duty of the humans to bring balance back in nature.


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