My name is Abinash Satapathy. I am a Computer Science undergrad. I have been fascinated by the beauty of nature since birth. The different creatures and organisms create a feeling of curiosity in my mind. The variety, the diversity and the interdependence of everything is amusing.

The transpiration, the diffusion, the movement of animals, reproduction of animals, pollination, growth of flowers, etc. ; all these phenomena boggle my mind. Out of everything, plants amuse me the most. Mere living organisms, full of beauty and purity, deserve all the praise and attention. ♥️

Ever wondered why this blog exists in the first place? Well, the answer is obvious. It’s to reveal my love for the only true thing. I love nature. Everything about nature. I want to preserve this sanctity of Nature. I also wish my friends and fellow readers of this blog, to join me in this safeguarding job.

Thank you. ☺️


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