What should we do when we come across an uprooted tree?

Actually, in fact, nothing can be done. Once uprooted, it cannot be undone. The cause of the tree having uprooted is a point of discussion. If it is due to some natural disaster, then it is accepted. But if it is man-made cause, it develops intolerance.

What has the poor tree done that we should cut it? Is it just because of the urge to fulfil own desires? Yes, I think so.

But time has come that we should introspect ourselves. When we see an uprooted tree, let’s not immediately rush to avail all the wood we can get from the tree. It’s a sin to be greedy at that moment. Instead, we can bury the tree somewhere so that its dead remains will help in generating fossil.

I hope the readers of this blog will keep my word.

Thank you.