The age old pond that hides belief of hundreds of people living around it. With the same hope to rise above all sins, the community bathes into the rising water each morning and with the same hope getting penultimate peace before sleep, people of the community taverse the very old ages of this giant tank in the evening.883377_1392375871069861_3159451985715142694_o.jpg

Engulfing the cold breeze which warms them in winter and leaves a soothing touch in summers.1233058_1392375957736519_3804562210148447191_o.jpg

Sometimes devastated by the immersed idols and sometimes invaded by the hundreds foreign guest with wings. It has seen everything. Now it is our turn to protect and rejuvinate this biome which is prone to accelerated eutrophication.

If it has endured to the thousands of stones thrown into it by small children, then it shall withstand a little more pain to heal itself. This time the same children who threw stone, throw out their hands to support the lives of a wide range of species who derive life from Bhagirathi Sagar.

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Courtesy: My friend Punyaslok and team led by his father.


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