Simple Tips for All

  • 20-25 minutes duration class in schools for environmental awareness.
  • Agricultural land should never be given to anyone, how much price people may wish to pay for it.CATPLE_WALLPAPERS_684
  • Rooftop gardening or plantation to be a must for tall buildings and skyscrapers.
  • Funds to be given to environment-friendly vehicle producing companies like Tesla Motors.
  • Plantation should be recreational. Everyday no. of trees should increase.


Trees grown divided by Trees cut should be greater than 1.

Consequently, Increase in rainfall divided by decrease in rainfall becomes greater than 1.

  • Places where further mining activity is not possible should be used for waste dumping.
  • Carry bags made of cloth should be used and polythene should be banned.
  • For light weight objects, bags made of paper should be used.
  • Much attention should be given to flora. Fauna can adapt themselves upto a certain extent, but flora can’t.

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